Lucille Bald – a “success” story

chinese crested

Earlier this year we received a sweet little Chinese Crested we called “Lucille Bald”. She was a beautiful little puppy but very shy.

The Chinese Crested is an elegant, playful and loving dog that is hairless with the exception of its head, tail and feet. This feature often turns people off to this breed of dog. Lucille’s features, combined with her shyness around people made it difficult to find her a home.

Finally, Michele came in, loved Lucille and took her home. We heard back from Michele this week.

Thank you so much. Just want to let you know” Lucille Bald” is doing well. We worked hard with her and she has come so far we now have her training for AKC good canine citizen test. I plan on making her a therapy dog for anxiety and depressive clients. I think she can help with her story of how she over came her shyness. It is very admirable you keep your dogs until you get them a home. Pet shops have such a bad rap these days, but your place is refreshingly honest about strengths and weaknesses of the dogs. Your staff really cares about the dogs and it shows.
Thank you again,

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