Is it time for you to get a puppy?

puppylove dog at computer cropped

If you are thinking about getting a puppy for the first time, there are some things you must know before you move forward.

1. A puppy is a long term commitment. Your obligation is 12 -20 years, don’t take this lightly.
2. There is an initial investment that can be significant particularly if you are looking for something unique (a Portuguese Water Dog can cost over $3000). Even a rescue dog will cost you $300-400 to cover medical care (more than fair).
3. Adopt or buy is a very personal decision, one each person should review before going forward. We are dog fanatics and firm in our commitment to providing healthy and happy puppies to our clients but believe nothing is sadder that a dog without a family. If you are thinking about getting a puppy or an adult dog, we ask that you check with the local shelters first to see if they have a dog that will fit in with your family before purchasing a puppy.
4. Put together a list of mandatory characteristics and one with your desired characteristics.

a. Size – do you want a very small, small, medium or large dog. Families with very small children may not want a big dog running around. Many seniors prefer lap dogs.
b. Activity – some dogs need room to run and should not be kept in apartments. Many dog breeds are just as happy laying around the house on a nice comfy sofa. Your activity level, time and limitations should be considered when selecting a puppy.
c. Allergies – do you need a hypoallergenic dog for anyone in the family. You should consider any family members that would visit your home regularly, they may stop coming over if your dog is not hypoallergenic.
d. Other pets – make sure the puppy/dog you select is good with other pets.
e. Temperament – there is no such thing as a bad dog, just poor training. If you are fully capable and committed to training an “alpha dog” they will grow up happy and safe. If you are a first-time puppy owner, you should consider breeds that are the easiest to train.

4. Ongoing costs including vet care, insurance, pet food, toys, and grooming need to be budgeted
5. Clean up is required – some dogs shed, all dogs need to go potty and this will be your responsibility! We once had someone bring back a puppy after a few days because he peed on the rug. It’s a puppy what did you expect? We took the dog back –this was someone that should not have a pet, ever! As dogs age (and if properly trained) they will only need to go outside a few times a day. A puppy needs to go outside every time it eats or has a drink.
6. Time – like a child, a puppy will require a significant amount of your attention. Training, walking, playing and just cuddling. Your new puppy will want to be with you so be prepared to give him/her your time.
7. Noise – some dogs bark at everything and everyone and some only bark when they hear something unusual, like a stranger approaching your door. They make the best (and safest) guard dogs. Most people don’t need an attack dog, they need time to get their family to safety and call the police.

If you are set on a breed or just want to discuss the options come by the Puppy Love store at 197 Franklin Avenue in Franklin Square, talk to Marissa and meet all of our puppies!!!  Puppy Love makes sure that we bring you the healthiest puppy available. It’s so important for families to find a puppy that’s a good fit for their lifestyle! Our 24-hour take home policy allows you to bring the puppy of your choice home for a full day to ensure that you and your family find the perfect pet for you. Call us for more info at 516.686.6043!

We work hands-on with all our private breeders to bring you a healthy, happy, puppy. Here at Puppy Love we make it our priority to bring in only the best puppies available!

Stop by our website at for more information. Please follow us on Twitter @PuppyLoveLI and Google+ at For sales, discounts and an opportunity to see our new puppies please join our mailing list at

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