National “Clear the Shelters” day

Dog I am someoneNothing is sadder that a dog or cat waiting in a shelter to go home with a family. If you are thinking about adopting the time is right! Tomorrow (Saturday July 23) is “Clear the Shelters” day across the nation and the people at Puppy Love hope you will consider adoption if you are looking to add a dog or cat to your family. Save yourself some money by getting to a shelter tomorrow – all adoptions are free at participating “Clear the Shelters” locations.

Personally, I plan to take advantage of the offer. My age, and physical issues make it difficult for me to bring a puppy into my life. Our list of requirements is somewhat extensive (one to four years old, medium size, short hair, quiet) because we live in a multiple level apartment complex. After checking many websites I find I will have to drive about 2 hours to a shelter that has a dog that fits the requirements for my family. It’s worth it to me to find the right dog.

Adopt or buy is a personal choice often driven by circumstance. It is why we exist at Puppy Love. We are an option for those people that cannot locate an adoption that meets all their needs (size, children, mobility, etc.). We focus on the smaller breeds (toy, small-medium) that are best suited for people with small children, older couples’ and apartment dwellers. These dogs are very difficult (not impossible) to find in local shelters.

If you can, get out to your local shelter tomorrow and see if you can find your forever friend. If you can’t find a dog that fits your lifestyle come by Puppy Love and let us match you up with one of our puppies.

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